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Friday, December 1, 2017

Dried leaves etc pickings from afternoon walk around the block.

Left the house around 3:11 PM
Temperature 44 to 46° gray out

Cat sees me leave the house and ponders whether to to follow me. But the Broadway traffic is so loud he doesn't try. I had south to go down Walker place.

The mailman greets me, 'Enjoy your afternoon!'. 'You too!'

I find several old leaves to maybe ID or take a picture of as an arrangement. There's also an interesting weed, which I tried to break off but it only came out with the root attached.

The workmen renovating a building there are winding up for the day. Some are laughing in the distance.

The big puddle is really big. I can hardly get around it.

I run into a family I know - the three younger kids. They are there to play soccer. These kids have grown amazingly just in one year. The middle child looks like a dad. The next youngest is suddenly practically grown up. And the youngest still looks somewhat the same. We visit just a little bit. 

As I turn toward the hill that I usually go down  I now see it is not as big as I thought. It is level for a longer stretch and the steep part is really quite short.

I thought I heard geese or ducks overhead. No, it was the little dog in one of the houses barking like crazy!

I round the corner onto the busy street. There are two squirrels on the lawn around the big oak trees. They run  up one of the trees. 

I start whistling for the cat. He appears as  I climb up onto the porch. He is followed by his rival. The rival wants my handout of some dry kibble food. I herd my cat into the house, and get some cat food for the cat waiting downstairs. I go down and give it to him.

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