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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Autumn walk around my block, Saturday, 10/28/17 - squirrel, acorns, leaves, little buddy....

(Dictated - so lots of doozies and just a few edits!...)

Afternoon walk something I haven't done in ages I somewhat  went out with out any real agenda. Maybe I would find something's to bring home maybe I would remember somethings it was justto start myself giving out there for a walk. Right off the bat a squirrel seem to be hollering at me yeah that's right I was poking around at the acorns I was finding on the ground and then I heard the squirrel . I did wonder if he was cock hollering about me or about something else I tried to get pictures of him I hadn't realized how hard it would be to use the iPhone for pictures on a walk because there's so much potential for dropping it it doesn't have strep hanger. And doesn't like cold fingers when you're trying to take a picture. So I kept finding things on the ground it up in the tree with the squirrel I turned the corner. And there was a beautiful red Maple leaf on the ground. So again I had to stop and take a picture of that leaf and then Who? comes along my cat! He had found me on my walk! It wasn't that good about posing for the camera though because he was nervous about the Broadway noise and also the work being done at the first building on the other side street. That's right I had stopped and asked the workmen what they were building. They were making a kitchen bigger or something like that. OK cat kept following me - we went through the parking lot behind the old schools oh and the first thing is I saw as we turn the corner was patches of dandelion greens new ones! So I had to pull one out a big handful of one out because it look like it would be can make good sautéed greens. And that wasn't going to be able to stuff in my pocket I was going to have to hold onto that until I got home. I took pictures of the drying out Angel what are they called cats . Period. Period… at the end of the parking lot is a small oak tree with more not red but a nice color leaves and those were still on the tree as I had remembered they were a few winters past - I took some pictures of them. And then that driveway that comes down into the parking lot was quite filled with the luggage puddle. There was room to walk along it but it was still in it had wonderful reflections in it so I took pictures of the reflections.

Before I could take the picture though I heard a car behind me and the driver did not want to get in the way of my picture and was prepared to wait for me I told her just go ahead because otherwise I'll be rushed OK so she went through the puddle

 and the puddle rippled up, but quickly enough was smooth. I wanted to get a picture of the school building as it reflected in the puddle. I got that. All along I could hear crows in the distance calling each other as they often do at that hour right before the sun sets. Cat kept coming along being a little bit edgy with whenever you heard sounds that worried him and he was always on the lookout of course as we got closer to Broadway there were sirens and several ambulances went by. Will have to find out where that was. On Broadway the busy street at the traffic zooming by the cat was not happy he even yelled in distress when we got to our house you went across the lawn to get to safety – our porch rather than go going to the back, and he came I didn't with me. I had intentions of writing this perhaps in pencil into my notebook that I did this with a few years back, but I couldn't find it that's enough I've no idea where I put that. So I'm just dictating whatever I remember of my little Jonte. It is really fun to take a walk to see what you will see, to see what you can remember to know things on the way. I also got ideas for their is missions that you can set for yourself I'm such a walk– I'll make a list of some ideas later. I also had the idea that I could do some sketches or drawings of this stuff that I brought back with me no old equals a couple of C wings what are they call those helicopter things the very skinny lobed Oakleaf that I found. My wad of dandelion greens is at least sitting in some water. Later I'll figure out how to clean it. Earlier I was looking forThe name of that plant that I saw her simple queen in place of a burger that one. Queen Anne's lace the plant thank you! Lots of this writing won't make as much sense as I would like it too because it's dictation I did a few corrections long way but there's some doozies in there. I leave them for their humor.

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