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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Fruit open faced grilled cheese sandwiches

Cherry   πŸ’ open faced grill cheese πŸ§€ sandwich  Fri. 9/01/17 10:47

Food experiment, except I already did this yesterday. It was so delicious and I still had more on hand to be able to do it again today, (my late breakfast). We have had a glut of this in the grocery store this year. I don't understand why. I thought they were predicting the opposite. Usually we only get to gorge on these at summer's start....

My further replies and comments to various responses on my original Facebook post of this:

Haha - much smaller! Cherries, cheese, and English muffin - cooked on the stovetop in my cast iron pan! It is shockingly yummy - a great substitute for tomatoes. Cherries have been wonderful this year wherever they are coming from. I think this will work well with any fruit!

It is sharp cheddar cheese and it works as dessert as it is. I have never been that crazy about the custard in eclairs etc. Make quickie noodle pudding just by using ramen noodles, butter, sugar, fruit, cinnamon!

I had just enough cherries πŸ’ left to have it again today. Takes only 3-4 cherries per muffin half and you have dessert for breakfast! People here in Maine have been showing pics of the plums and peaches on their fruit trees and talking of such pies. Cut a piece of fruit into little chunks and it can cook up nicely on an English muffin - like a hot jam, or a tart.

All variations sound good 'M'! I need the cheese for protein in the am. With the salt in the cheese the cherries don't need extra sugar but do need the fat. It is either butter or cheese between the fruit and the bread! (For me) Try a couple versions and see if you prefer one over another.

Sun 9/3/17 
πŸ‡ version of my fruit and cheese open faced toasted cheese sandwich. Cherries 
πŸ’ are done. Let's see how it tastes with grapes instead.

At least now I know an easy way to make a butterfly πŸ¦‹ . The cherry version only needed 3-4 cherries per half English muffin. Grapes are milder and apparently much smaller even tho they don't have big pits. Needs more grapes because they are just blander. Still plenty tasty though πŸ˜‹

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