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Friday, February 10, 2017

Almost moon and water-main break after snowstorm, 2/10/17

Woke @ 3:40 am to see car drive slowly long with a flashlight sweeping around from passenger side. They are searching for something. Cop car? Looking for what? Then some public works trucks pass slowly by, also heading south. Then I see that water is bubbling up from the road seemingly just a few feet south of our drive. It is flowing down our drive. It looks like more than a little trickle. Like a stream. I must go look out the window proper in the front. Yikes there is a lot of water pouring up through and down along the street, pouring north, and looking deep. Coming down our drive too but something keeps it flowing down the road more. I call the county communication dispatch and describe. Yep, it is a water-main break. They should be along shortly. Where? Down the road from you. ... I wonder if I should be alerting anyone from the building involved with the care of it. Then I see the moon and realize I might be able to get a shot that shows both the moon and the water. Hard to see in this pic what is what. Moon at top with its reflection in the window. Another light midway down, maybe another moon reflection in bottom pane? Along the bottom is the road with its river. I can hear the stream. But I have yet to hear any thumping of the road crew machinery breaking through pavement. And I don't see their flashing yellow lights down the road. I don't hear anything other than the rushing water. Do they really have this? Sending this up now. Then will call dispatchers again to confirm they found the source.

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