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Monday, July 11, 2016

Lupine coastal scenes inventions, student drawings, adult art class, 7/11/16

We started with a series of exercises whose purpose kept people guessing. It was a step by step unwitting, and perhaps unwilling, creation of a landscape. We had drawn lupine and evergreen textures on several strips of paper in varying sizes and scales. We cut or tore these shapes into landscape bands - like foreground, middle ground, far ground. We colored a background paper as sky and water. The lupine and tree strips we glued on their ends like stage flats onto the background. Fold these outward and the background inward for a little landscape card! You can see some examples along the bottom row. These were not the original plan. I thought we would do them flat, but the foldout idea came to mind just in time. Then we drew our scenes in larger format. No cutting, pasting, and folding!

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