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Monday, April 4, 2016

Retry/ Circus Puppet Dance - little triangle papercut acrobat clown puppets dance to the March of the Gladiators

Will have to do a link instead. The video just is not posting here.
My little triangle papercut  acrobat clown puppets dance to the March of
the Gladiators, (circus music). This is 'danced' & recorded with my
laptop's little built in iSight  camera/camcorder, with the music
playing from the laptop. I wanted to dance the puppets to the music
rather than add the music later. Did you know you could get midi files
of old music, throw them into GarageBand and the tracks populate into
however many voices are in the file. You can change the tempo too. I
don't have a lot of instruments to use in my GarageBand. Here all the
voices are playing as different pianos. But, it sounds good enough to 
dance the puppets to. I could use practice in dancing these puppets.
Also, at the end I could not see the set-up well enough to turn it off
at the right spot. The light glared too much and I just could not see
what was going on! Finally got it. Now I can't stop hearing the music in
my head.

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