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Monday, November 16, 2015

Roasted potato and leeks, my stovetop version.

Made this dish last night in my stovetop oven 'invention'. It is almost that tinfoil packet hobo cooking. The food sits in tinfoil and gets a tinfoil cover. (Cut potato in half flat wise and place skin side down.) That whole 'packet' goes inside two tinfoil pie pans, then into the cast iron fry pan, covered also. It cooks on the stovetop, low medium heat. It may well burn. This one did. ... I dribbled olive oil over it all before cooking it. It was probably done before i took it off the heat. ... Slide it into the bowl and put cheddar cheese on the potatoes. Cover it again with as much as you can, even the pot holder, for a little while - just so the cheese will melt. After cooking just now, I took this pic, and wrote these directions. Took a few nibbles of the leeks before i started writing. This has been on my mind all evening and day, since it was so delicious last night. We hope it is just as good tonight. This serves only one. It is a red potato, and one third a hefty leek stalk (lengthwise). I only trimmed off the very ends. When it cooks that crusty it gets either very soft or crumbly crisp and papery - and sweet! Enjoy.

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