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Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year! - the year of the sheep/goat/ram. Student work, adult art class, 2/23/15.

The lesson:
Work from reference images found online.
Each student randomly selected from the samples on hand.
Cut paper into quarters.
Color some with red crayons, some w black, keep a white quarter sheet.
    How many you do depends on available time.
    But don't color them all at once.

First red piece:
    on the backside draw the figure as a line drawing. use yr reference sample.
    cut that figure out, smoothly & cleanly, so that you end up with two pieces -     the figure and the background you cut it from.
Second red piece: do the same but cut freehand - no drawing!
Choose one of these red figures and snip out simple designs. keep the figure whole. a chinese papercut would be cut w a knife. here you use scissors so keep it simple.

Third red piece:  on the red side draw the figure in black crayon outline w black line patterns/designs.

Arrange figures and background pieces on the black quarter sheets, and white quarter sheets, as you wish.
    Tip them down with glue stick in strategic spots. No need to glue all over.         That gets too messy and too buckley.

Arrange your little sheets in a long row, to make an accordion fold booklet.
    Tape the joins with strips of paper and glue stick on the back.
    Fold into accordion.
    You can do this w less or more versions.

You can also arrange them into a larger rectangle like a quilt instead.



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